Island Grove Vodka

Our entire Vodka family is Fresh from Florida certified and distilled 100% from fruit, not grain. It is not flavored, nor do we add any extracts or artificial flavors. We source our citrus and berries from agricultural farms and groves throughout Florida. We add Florida sugar from the Everglades and use water pumped from our wells on our farm directly from the Rainbow River Aquifer. We create essentials oils directly from the fruit that are added back into the distillate. The spirits are packaged in a Platinum award winning 1L painted growler.

Tangerine Citrus

Nose: Tangerine, fresh clementine, tangerine peel, lemon, smokey citrus, strong citrus zest, sunshine, awesome.

Palate: Tangerine, fresh tangerine, tangerine rind, grapefruit, lemon, lemon-lime, clean lime, citrus, citrus pith, juicy, great balance, true to the tang of tangerine, very nice.

Finish: Smooth citrust, lime, citrus pith, tart, tasty, clean fresh finish, summer breeze, perfect.


Nose: Blueberry, rich blended blueberry candy, watermelon, orange zest, mineral, oak, soft, attractive.

Palate: Fresh ripe blueberry, blueberry Pixie Stix, berries, watermelon, ripe melon, balanced orange, oak.

Finish: Big blueberry, orange pulp, oak, soft, rich.

Lemon Citrus

Nose: Ripe lemon, lemon half, citrus, lemon tree, anise, licorice, allspice

Palate: Lemon-lime, smooth light lemon, lemon meringue, citrus, agave juice, clean.

Finish: Easy lemon, citrus, spice, pepper, mineral, elegant use of lemon and citrus, great on the rocks.


Nose: Fresh blackberry, soft berry, grean beans, vegetal, mossy, woody.

Palate: Blackberry, blueberry, garden fruit, funky forest floor, sweet, smooth.

Finish: Berries, light tropical fruit, flora, smooth, gentle.


Nose: Ripe watermelon, watermelon rind, honeydew, melon, caramel popcorn, grain, raw dough, corn mash, brewer's yeast, mineral

Palate: Watermelon, watermelon juice, cucumber, pickled watermelon rind, herbal, pepper, toasted cereal, grain mash, very light, delecate

Finish: Watermelon, smooth, gentle, pleasant.

Lime Citrus

Nose: Lime, lemon-lime, Sprite, lime soda, lime zest, melon, green, anise, tequila, mountain flowers, fresh spring air.

Palate: Lime, lime juice, sweet lime lifesaver, lime zest, mint, lavender, perfume, pastry dough, toast.

Finish: Lemon lime, tart sweet lime, lime oil, wintergreen, herbal, lime lingers, pretty good.

Ruby Red Grapefruit

Nose: Citrus, citrus peel, floral, perfume.

Palate: Grapefruit, citrus, fresh citrus peel, red bell pepper, floral, corn grain, sharp licorice, cedar, tart.

Finish: Pink grapefruit, soft orange peel, citrus, herbs, pepper, wet stone, tart, would mix well.

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